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  Taking Stock of Your Wellbeing


The first step on our journey is to read the attached introduction and take the Flourishing Inventory.

The introduction will provide an overview for your 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge. The Flourishing Inventory will give you insights into the areas where you are currently doing well and what areas need focus and attention.

The Flourishing Inventory is simply a quick snapshot of your well-being. It is not designed to be prescriptive (it won’t tell you what to do), rather it will simply bring to your attention your current reality. Your reality is subject to manipulation so I encourage you to gain perspectives from your support team as well.

Your Outward Bound course begged this question from day one, who am I in this group of strangers, then proceeded to provide experiences that held up a mirror. Now comes the question, who am I on my home turf? We will focus on longstanding relationships with people in your family, community, and your work/school setting.


Answer the following in your notebook:

Do you have a clear understanding of why you are doing this 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge?

What story or stories do you have that speak to your score on each of the eight flourishing indicators?

Are these stories true and/or accurate?

Is there another possible story?

What are you currently doing well that is worth celebrating or honoring in your life right now?


• Your overall score on the Flourishing Indicators is less important than where you have strengths and opportunities to flourish.

• The tendency is to focus on what you are not doing well, but let's honor what you are currently doing well to thrive and flourish and understand why those things are working.

Make sure to join the Facebook Group and post your observations for each day!

21-Day Mindfulness Challenge Introduction.pdf