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To complete the 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge, you will need:

1) A journal or notebook

2) The free ebook download or to buy the printed edition of 12 Life-Giving Habits for Life After Outward Bound on Amazon

3) To join the 12 Life-Giving Habits Facebook Group

Way to go, friends! I am so glad you have made it to the start of the course. Just like on your Outward Bound course, showing up is the HUGE first step in transforming your life.

This first step will require you to get a bit uncomfortable just like when you were in the field. For those of you who have not experienced an Outward Bound course, I hope that you have an opportunity to do so in the future, but I recognize that you have, no doubt, been on your own journey that has tested you in dramatic and powerful ways.

Our journey towards an Amazing Year has four distinct phases that you will read more about in the introduction download. The first phase of your journey to creating your best year ever is…. drum roll please…. AWARENESS.

That’s what this 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge is all about. We are asking that you literally suspend taking action on your life’s challenges for 21 days, and instead, spend these three weeks simply paying attention.

One of my favorite questions in the whole world is “hmm, what is this?” This question refrains from judgment and simply makes you wonder what you are observing. I will ask you to wear four different lenses over the 21 days that include:

  1. the Lens of Me (Self)
  2. the Lens of Family or Close Community
  3. the Lens of Work or School (For some, parenthood or volunteerism is your work, and we honor those on this journey as well.)
  4. the Lens of the Natural World

The key to success on this Challenge is to integrate your observations throughout each day and then answer the reflective questions near the end of your day. Keep your notebooks with you and handy and write down your observations throughout the day. There may be moments where you are inspired to sketch or write poetry or explore other forms of expression in your notebook; I encourage you to do so.

Please consider sharing your insights and learning on our Facebook Group. We become a stronger community of support for one another when you share. I acknowledge that not everyone is a Facebook user, so you might consider finding others in your community that you trust to share your experience with. I believe this is a critical part of a good mindfulness process.

My hope is, by the time you are done with these three weeks, you will be better prepared to focus on your One Amazing Year experience and feel that you are not alone on this journey you are undertaking.

Now grab your notebook. Next stop, Day One.